Gallery & Case Studies

Healthcare Project, Palmerstown Residential/EMI Home, Belfast

Situated in East Belfast, Palmerstown is a new state of the art, purpose-built care provision which has been designed with the needs of the individual in mind.

Involved from the outset of this project, Super Seal Window Systems Ltd worked in collaboration with the architect to ensure that products were available which would best meet the aesthetic vision for the building, while also being especially robust and easily operated in order to meet the everyday practical demands placed upon them.  This incorporated supplying windows certified to Secured by Design standards, as well as sourcing and incorporating electronic door locks so doors in the EMI unit could be controlled from a central computer station by healthcare staff, an unconventional inclusion on a u-PVC door.

Super Seal were grateful to have been afforded the opportunity to be associated with such a prodigious undertaking and all involved were satisfied with the success of delivery of each element, from assistance with design to efficiency of survey and installation.


Commercial Project, Premier Inn, Lisburn

When approached by the lead building contractor for assistance in the development of a new hotel in Lisburn, Super Seal were once again delighted to be afforded the opportunity to contribute to such a prestigious project.

From design to installation, Super Seal were on hand to assist with advice on the aesthetics of windows required, recommending a black foil outside with white on the interior, as well as ensuring that survey, manufacture and installation took place in a timely and efficient manner to facilitate the time constraints placed upon the project.

With a combination of top-hung casement styles with restricted openings to more elaborate apex windows, the outcome of the undertaking is a visually pleasing, yet superbly functioning example of how u-PVC windows can effectively enhance and contribute to the façade of any structure.


Northern Ireland - Housing Executive, Riga Street, Belfast

With the stringent specifications set by Northern Ireland Housing Executive for the supply of any product into their properties, as well as the high volume, rapid turn-around demanded by those contractors authorised to supply and install into homes, it's little wonder that so many fabricators are reluctant to even attempt to encroach upon this market.  Super Seal were confident that their service levels and dependability were of such an exceptional standard that the demands placed upon them to supply this market would be manageable.

Having invested in a new product specifically for this market, we are proud to say that our confidence in our capabilities has been proven, and we have built many successful and mutually beneficial working relationships in this sector.


Social Housing, Fold Housing Association, Torrens Street, Belfast

To be capable of supplying to housing associations in Northern Ireland, it is imperative that windows and doors are manufactured and supplied to the most recent and relevant technical specifications, while assisting all involved in the design process by advising on the most cost-effective ways to achieve goals set out by the lifetime homes and the Code for Sustainable Homes models.

Always endeavouring to remain at the forefront of u-PVC manufacturing and striving to raise the bar for industry standards, Super Seal are well placed to contribute to this sector, as our involvement with the Fold Housing Association Torrens street project, with the supply of Secured by Design Window Energy Rated ‘B’ certified frames, so aptly illustrates.


Education, Local School Projects

As with any government department, high-quality, cost-effectiveness and conformance to the most recent and relevant specifications are key considerations for any local education authority, which is why Super Seal are well placed to provide u-PVC window and door products to this sector.

With the capability of supplying Secured by Design, energy-rated products and with our range approved for installation into properties for the Department of Education and Science, Super Seal has a solution for all educational u-PVC frame requirements.