Our Environmental Goals

Superseal Environmental Policy and GoalsSuper Seal has long since been committed to supporting Government policies and looking to ensure it’s projects and operations meet national and local needs, supporting the sustainable development of communities.

Our Environmental Management Includes:

  • Reduction of waste levels from company processes, and where practical, recycling waste materials. All scrap material levels are monitored and reduced in accordance with quality procedures and strict targets.
  • Operation of office recycling including materials such as paper, ink cartridges, batteries and mobile phones with collections in aid of charity.
  • Monitoring energy use and energy efficiency, including the development and enhancement through a continual programme of improvement.
  • Monitoring fuel use and promoting fuel efficiency, through technology, careful planning and careful driving for all deliveries and field based employees.
  • Ensuring our activities have minimal impact on local communities and do not create a nuisance to our neighbours.
  • Customer and client advice and support on optimising their environmental management
  • Comprehensive supplier selection process to ensure we work with companies who share our environmental commitment

The Benefits Of uPVC

Working closely with Dekura, a dedicated waste collection and size reduction company, we are able to ensure the economic and efficient recycling of PVC-U, including our own PVC-U waste.

Once reprocessed, the PVC materials are re-used into a wide range of long life building products including RCM a recycled composite reinforcing material which is incorporated in our Thermseal range of energy rated windows.

Energy Efficiency

SupersealEnergy EfficiencyEnergy efficiency is not just a media buzzword for the early 21st Century. It is also essential in modern homes and commercial buildings. Today, construction managers and homeowners alike expect windows and doors to be able save them money as well as being environmentally friendly.

Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

Energy efficient windows are designed to keep in the heat and prevent draughts from entering, whilst also providing adequate ventilation in the summer months. Likewise, energy efficient doors enable energy costs to be reduced by minimising the amount of time that heating systems need to be used.

In addition to this being kinder to customers’ expenses than older designs, it also helps to reduce the carbon footprint of individual households and businesses and therefore society as a whole. Such carbon emission cutting measures are essential in the continuing battle against man-made climate change.

uPVC and Energy Efficiency

Super Seal’s range of energy efficient windows and doors are made of UPVC and manufactured from high quality Profile 22 systems. UPVC is a particularly energy efficient material as it retains the heat that builds up inside buildings, rather than letting it escape to the outside.

Furthermore, UPVC products are part of a closed-loop recycling process, in which old products can be broken down, recycled and used again in more UPVC windows, doors and other products. This not only cuts down on raw material usage but it also prevents a build-up of old products in toxic landfill sites.

Super Seal’s energy efficient doors and windows are ideal for environmentally conscious homeowners and businesses who also want to save money. What’s more, as we have over 30 years of experience in the window and door fabrication trade, so you can rest assured that our products are of the highest quality.


Superseal Recycling PolicyIn the 21st century recycling is of prime importance, never before has the term ‘going green’ been so well known. So often one of the first questions asked of a product is, “is it environmentally friendly?”

While once it seemed perfectly acceptable for domestic and commercial products to be sent to ‘out of sight, out of mind’ landfills, today society is waking up to the fact that the earth has a finite amount of resources and environmental limits, which we’re rapidly exceeding.

Windows and Door Recycling

When it comes to window and door recycling, the materials from which they are made is a crucial factor. While some materials are unusable once their product lifespan has ended and others are only partially recyclable, others are capable of being recycled and reused again and again.

Super Seal’s windows and doors are made from UPVC, a synthetic material which is capable of being recycled many times. Working closely with Dekura, a dedicated waste collection and size reduction company, we are able to ensure the economic and efficient recycling of our own PVC-U waste, forming part of a ‘closed-loop’ recycling process.

When UPVC Windows and doors reach the end of their useful lifetime they can be broken down, recycled and then turned back into new doors, windows and other UPVC products. Such door and window recycling is becoming a crucial aspect of the fabrication and installation trades.

In addition to this recycling capability, UPVC also has exceptional levels of thermal efficiency, enabling householders and businesses to not only reduce their carbon emissions but also their energy costs.

Super Seal – Providing Quality, Service and Sustainability

Super Seal is dedicated to providing their customers throughout Ireland with high quality windows and doors. But we are also committed to sustainable business, and door and window recycling plays a key part of this.