Patio Doors

uPVC Patio Doors
Whether as an exterior door leading out into the back garden or as part of a conservatory , modern patio doors are every bit as secure as they are attractive and versatile.Sliding patio doors are ideal for completing a conservatory in style, and are the most space efficient option available on the market. Patio doors are particularly effective in bringing light into otherwise dull rooms and for creating a spacious natural ambiance.

They can also be used as internal room dividers, providing a more dynamic layout, and provide the option of sliding the patio doors open to create more space, or closing them to provide privacy and as a barrier against sound.

All of Super Seal’s sliding patio doors are fabricated to the highest standards using UPVC Profile 22 components. Custom-built by experienced professional fabricators, our doors are designed and built not just to look good but also to provide excellent levels of security and thermal efficiency too. Utilising Safeware security hardware accredited by the police’s Secured by Design initiative, our doors are exceptionally strong and come with the option of adding enhanced security features.

The highest levels of security are achieved with internally sliding sashes, a built in anti-jacking system and multiple locking points, ensuring that the door cannot be lifted off from the outside, a concern with some other patio door designs.

The UPVC profiles used in our doors meanwhile have exceptional thermal efficiency qualities, aiding with increased home insulation and reduced energy costs.