Sculpted Windows & Doors

Sculptured WindowsWith over 20 years in business Super Seal understand that customer requirements are always changing and with the introduction of our new fully sculptured system, we’re hoping to surpass these desires.

70mm Triple Glazed
The slim sightlines of our Spectus 70 Ovolo sculptured suite are designed to resemble traditional timber windows and with its 5 chamber, 70mm front to back design, our sculptured system minimises energy use in the home allowing us to reach u-values as low as 0.8w/m2k with our triple glazed option.

  • Fully sculptured 5 chamber system
  • Complete range of window styles – Internally glazed casement, tilt/turn and French.
  • 10mm seal overlap on all sashes to increase weather performance
  • PCE low line gasket
  • RCM, steel and aluminium reinforcement
  • 28mm double glazed and 44mm triple glazed options
  • White, Oak, Rosewood, Black and Cream colour options
  • U-values as low as 0.8 W/m2.K achieveable
  • A + 19 Window Energy Reating achieveable with appropriate glazing option
  • Secured by Design enhanced security specification available

Safe and Secure
Security is always a primary concern. If you are a homeowner you want to ensure that your property and your family are safe. If you’re in the window distribution or installation trade then you want to be able to reassure your customers that the products you sell will keep their home secure.

Internal glazing and multi-point locking on windows and doors is standard on our sculptured range so you can rest assured that as criminals find new ways to gain entry, we’ll continue to develop our range so you’re suitably protected.