Tilt / Turn Windows

uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt & turn windows are a highly versatile solution for homes, offices and commercial premises. By tilting the window vertically a small gap can be opened up at the top of the frame, enabling easy ventilation of a room without creating draughts.

But tilt & turn windows also open horizontally inwards from the side, facilitating greater airflow on hot summer days. This feature makes them easy to clean both sides from the inside, and can be used in emergency situations as a fire exit.

The tilt mode also allows for highly secure ventilation as only the top part of the window is open, making it ideal for ground floors.

Our tilt & turn windows are manufactured to extremely high standards, using Profile 22 UPVC frames, and are custom-made either a 67mm or 80mm outer frame in system 60 or system 70.