Casement Windows

Oak Casement Windows with Georgian Bar

There are now many other window styles available, but the uniqueness of casement windows gives them a certain undeniable charm. Available either side-hung or top-hung, casement windows remain very popular, and today are effective in giving a property a degree of understated class and style .

Unlike many types of window, casement windows are capable of being opened all the way. This makes them perfect for letting in air in the summer and providing extra ventilation, adding a high degree of functionality to their aesthetically attractive design.

Obviously when choosing windows, security is also a primary concern, and casement windows excel in this respect also. With integral multi-point locking and internal glazing as standard on all our frames, there’s also the option of upgrading to frames manufactured under the Secured by Design police initiative.

Round head, circular and lancet windows are also available, depending on size, style and application, to give your property its own unique flair.