Fully Reversible Windows

Fully Reversible Windows

Fully reversible windows are an ideal choice for upper floors which are hard to reach from the outside, and are particularly popular in offices and multi-storey apartment blocks.

Uniquely, they can swing around 180 degrees on their hinges, this means that it is possible to clean the exterior window pane easily from the inside. This feature makes fully reversible windows a particularly useful option in situations where cleaning and maintenance would normally be problematic.

Furthermore, this kind of window makes it possible to ventilate a room effectively and allows greater volumes of air flow than other designs.

Super Seal’s windows are fabricated to the highest quality, utilising Profile 22 frames and Safeware security hardware , accredited by the police’s Secure by Design initiative. Available in system 60 (59mm) and system 70 (67mm) profiles, our windows are suitable for use in a wide range of applications as replacement windows or in new builds.

Because our products are made from UPVC they offer high levels of thermal efficiency, and are ideal for homeowners seeking to save money and stay warm in today’s chilly economic climate.

The double seal on our top swing window ensures the highest weathering performance in its class and can achieve a u-value of 0.8, compliant to Code for Sustainable Homes, level 5.